Year Long Dinosaur Unit

Teacher Tuesday



This year I am decorating my classroom in Dinosaurs.  One day a week (Fridays) we will be exploring one topic or Dinosaur.  This will last for the whole year.

Below I will share with you my Lesson Schedule, Dinosaur Journal Templates, Journal Answer Key as well as the activity and art craft that will go along with our study of fossils.


Dinosaur Journal

(Click Picture)



Dinosaur Journal Map (not included in Journal Doc)


Dinosaur Friday Schedule and Journal Worksheet Key


Dinosaur Map (Graphic Organizer) Completed


This will take you the the teachers pay teachers free download (where I found it)


To help with all we’re learning I also created documents labels and found photos of each dinosaur that can be printed out on card stock, laminated and displayed.

Dinosaur Photos

(Click Photo to access file)




Lesson Labels

(click photo to access labels)

I hope you enjoy these.  I know it seems like a lot for Kindergarten but spaced out over the year I do think it will be enjoyable for the students and they will learn some about Dinosaurs.

I’m curious as to what you think and what changes you would make or activities you might add (I haven’t planned many activities related to the subject).

Comment and Let me know!




Science Experiments — Density




Density –>the mass of a substance per unit volume


Today since we couldn’t go to the Library we decided to do some science experiments and we focused on Density.  Our first experiment was with the density of liquids.

We mixed Syrup, Water, and Oil…




And then she shook it up




And waited for it to separate again….







Our next experiment in density was to identify what would sink and what would float










And then we explored to see what it would take to make an egg float.

We put a raw egg in a jar of water….



We added Salt







And then we waited for the salt to dissolve…




Finally, We made ooblec and explored the density of a Colloid


Colloid –> a substance that maintains properties of a solid and a liquid at the same time.


Corn Starch


Food Coloring












I think she had fun!

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