Kindergarten is Coming

Family Friday



She wore only a diaper and laid comfortable against my chest, slightly tucked inside my nightgown as I sat on the hospital bed still hooked up to machines.

I had had an severe allergic reaction to the bandaging used after my c-section, but that didn’t matter.  This little girl against my chest, all 7 lbs 11 ounces of her, was now my life.

I was now a mother and this was the greatest title I could ever take on in my life.  I was now responsible for a life beyond my own.

That was almost five years ago.


Now we are not only approaching her fifth birthday, but she will be starting kindergarten at the end of August.


I am amazed at the young lady she has become. She talks.  Oh, she can talk.  But she has a vocabulary you would never imagine from a child so young.  She uses words like “trepidation” properly.  She has also mastered the art of sarcasm… this could cause a problem.

She loves dancing, tumbling and soccer. She wants to get more into swimming and gymnastics. She loves music (we’re still not sure if she sings like me or like my grandma – if you know us you know the spectrum that is).  She wants to learn to play guitar. She loves art and has said that she would like to be an artist when she grows up and be a children’s book illustrator.  Maybe one day I will write a book and she will draw the pictures.


She is incredibly compassionate.  This past week I donated blood to the Red Cross.  I’m not sure she completely understood what I was doing.  After they hooked me up she came and handed me her beloved teddy bear and told me she hoped I would feel better soon.

She has an infectious personality. It is hard not to smile when she is around.


I am incredibly proud of the young lady my baby girl is becoming.  But as she nears her fifth birthday and the start of kindergarten, I struggle with being ready to let go of my baby and embrace my young lady.

I still see the tiny baby. I still see the little girl who would stand up from the middle of the floor and the when she lost her balance wouldn’t fall on her bottom but instead slid slowly to the ground using her face (she spent a good two months with rug burns on her face while learning to walk).  I still see the tiny girl who would stand in front of the alter while I helped prepare music for church.

And now standing before me is not a baby or toddler, but a girl. A girl who will grow faster than I am ready to accept. A girl with her own passions and interests.  I know I will always see that baby even when I watch her graduate from high school I will still hear in my mind her saying “uh oh, it dips-appeared” when something was no longer where she left it.

Where I once held a baby… I now have a beautiful, passionate, compassionate, wonderful young lady.



Building a Bug House

Wordless Wednesday










Summer Sort-of Plans

Untitled design (5)



It has often been said,


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!


That being said, this list is not a list of must – do’s, but rather a list of something – to – do’s. The idea is that this is a list of activities we would like to do this summer. If it doesn’t happen, that’s okay.  We’re not on a timeline or a deadline, we’re having summer break.

These are thought and planned out for the day when we just need an idea for something different to do.  Some will require more time and money than others, some will require going out in our backyard.  But they are planned, so that they’re ready to use.

  1. Go to July’s 2nd Saturday Community Market
  2. Go to July’s Kid’s Workshop @ Home Depot
  3. Picture Scavenger Hunt in the Woods
  4. Find a New Playground
  5. Go to the Beach
  6. Picture Scavenger Hunt Downtown
  7. Go to the Pool
  8. Play with Sprinkler in the Backyard
  9. Make Home Made Paints and Create Masterpiece
  10. Go Fishing
  11. Go to August’s 2nd Saturday Community Market
  12. Go to August’s Kid’s Workshop @ Home Depot
  13. Go to the Zoo
  14. Go to the Natural History Museum
  15. Help on a Farm (or a few)

Summer is a time for relaxation and exploration.  Summer is a time to find new things and have fun.  This list is just an a list of ideas to keep the fun happening.  If we’re enjoying ourselves without it, then we don’t have to do a single thing on it.  But it’s a plan if we need one.







Do you have plan for summer with your kids or do you just go with whatever comes along?

Worm Hunting

Worm Hunting


Today was a busy day.  I spent this morning making strawberry sauce to freeze, then the kid’s and I went outside.  My daughter loves to help me in the garden, and with the crazy beginning to summer we have had, i just put my garden in today (the last of the plants at least I started it weeks ago).

As we worked the soil I was happily pointing out to my daughter that we had good soil, lots of worms.

This excited her to the point where she decided that she needed to go on a worm hunt and collect worms.  I gave her a starter pot that I’d all ready planted the plant from, put some dirt in it and let her collect the worms.








This whole adventure was enjoyably out of character for my daughter.  It was only a couple of weeks ago where we dealt with a complete meltdown over what turned out to be red fuzz, that she had decided was a killer mosquito.

She claimed the worms tickled her bare hands and insisted on digging through the mud with her garden gloves on (no harm in that).

She was her normal goofy self.



And it brings me great joy to see her loving nature.  In a world where everything has to do something, everything has to have a purpose, I love that my daughter enjoys exploring and discovery.

Smell like dirt


Oh yeah and we mixed some mud and compost into a plastic bucket that all ready had holes in it, added some water and her worm collection which she dubbed her “Worm Fiesta“, and have started her own worm farm.  This should be interesting.


Do your kids help in the garden?

 Do they like to explore outside?


I Have Kids….

If you didn’t know that, then this is your first time stumbling across my blog.

But for those of you who do know me, I need you to know how loaded of a statement that is.

I have kids….

…. I forget what it feels like to sleep to noon


… I forget what it feels like to clean a room and have it stay that way for more than 5 minutes



… I forget what it is like to not walk into a room and scan for safety hazards


… I forget what it is like to make spontaneous plans with a friend

… I forget what true silence sounds like





But then again….

I Have Kids…..





She rolled out the dough

She rolled out the dough


sepiaspin DSCF5760












…. They make me smile

… They remind me the world doesn’t need to be over complicated

… They remind that God’s love is simple

… They remind me that love is the strongest force on earth

… They remind me that we should never lose our curiosity

… They remind me the world is an amazing place

… They remind me that the craziness and the occasional monotony of daily schedules is a blessing.

I have kids.

 With this comes an unfathomable responsibility, and an equally unfathomable joy.



Kids are Gross!

“I’m done!”


Any parent who has ever reached the potty training age with their child knows what the above phrase translates to: “come wipe my butt”.

And you hold no more pride or pretense when you walk into that bathroom and your child has assumed the position with their poopy butt facing the open door they never bothered to shut in the first place.

We say things like, “What do you have in your mouth? Spit it out!” and then you foolishly offer your hand for them to spit into before waiting to find out WHAT is actually in their mouth.

I have a four year old and a four month old and to say I’ve seen some gross things is an understatement.  Today my daughter did something that was a special sort of vile even for the girl who keeps a clean spot licked on my car bumper.

I came across a list on The Stir of the 16 grossest things a parent does for their child.  I have done most of them.


I have

1. Wiped a poopy butt (between diapers and potty training who hasn’t?)

2. Caught Vomit

Can someone please tell me why this is an instinctual reaction to the gag when the child is anywhere near you?

3. Let my child wipe her dirty hands on my clothes

4. Sniffed a baby diaper (hey its quicker than undressing them to be sure it was them)

5. Scooped poop from a tub – my dad thought this particular incident was rather amusing.

6. Accepted a booger

This is what Ewok did to me today!

Ewok: “Mommy, I have something for you”

I offered my hand… Why did I offer my hand?

Me: “Eew what is it?”

Ewok: “A Booger”

Me: “Where did you get it?”

Ewok: “My nose”

Well at least it was hers and not someone else’s that she found and claimed.

7. Admired poop (what parent doesn’t do this to encourage their child to keep up the good work of going in the potty?)

8. Helped her pee in the woods (unless you intend to go in the spider filled outhouse, if you’re lucky enough to have the spider filled outhouse, then you need to know this one, best taught early — by the way we camp in the word, and not in campers with toilets, but with tents and sleeping bags).

To see the rest of the list check out:

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done for your child?

Lazy Family Saturday



This has been a crazy busy week.  It doesn’t help that our area has trick or treat a week early (yes we had it on Thursday October 24th).


Of course my princess had to be a princess, but not just any princess…


A Pirate Princess!


But she had a good time.  She went around with her friend (there were 3 adults and 2 kids in the trick or treating group)


She had such a good time that she didn’t have the energy to make it home awake…


The Friday, I did not have work but my daughter had school. After dropping her off at school I came home cleaned, had some quality time with my little guy.

Who can’t smile when this looks at you…



Then I started planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas

You see we have an elf named Sugar who comes and visits us right after thanksgiving.  She hangs around until Santa picks her up on Christmas Eve.

She was new to our family and last year I planned poorly.

You see Sugar is mischievous, and she sometimes gets into trouble.

This is what she got into last year.


But it was her only good prank.

So i decided to get started early this year

Sugar came to visit us early this year….


Then she left Ewok a letter


Sugar won’t be back until the day after Thanksgiving But I will be ready.

Monday I will be posting my Thanksgiving, Advent, and Elf plans on my “Mommy Monday” post.

As for the giant pumpkin Sugar was riding, my husband and my daughter (well she looked on) carved the pumpkin this morning.



Eww… Daddy has gross pumpkin hands!


But she was much more receptive to it once it was completed





After that mess was cleaned up I finished decorating for fall.

I’m not one who decorates for Halloween.  Halloween originated as a pagan holiday but here in the USA it has become a cultural tradition.  I would prefer to decorate so that I could leave the decorations up until I start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving.

My awesome husband brought me home six corn stalks from the field yesterday and using twine I secured them to our front porch


This evening the children and I have just hung out, talked, played and of course, have taken pictures.

I love days like this, and I love the two munchkins on my lap.


A Gift for the Big Sister

As we near my due date preparation activities increase.  We’re talking about things we need and don’t have yet.  We’re discussing game plans on how we’re handling everything. And we still have every day life and responsibilities to deal with.

The new family member will be a big change for everyone in the house.  Including his Big Sister.




So I have been working on a present that she’ll get when we head to the hospital.  It has stuff in it to make it a special day for her as well.  

A tote bag with her name on it….




A t-shirt that shows she has a special role now…..




An apron for when she’s helping mommy….




A special hat…..




And finally some things to keep her entertained while we’re waiting for her brother to make his appearance….




And thanks to my In-laws taking my daughter for the night and most of today, I have this all ready and Alayna doesn’t have a clue it is coming (even though she helped pick out the decals – can you tell she likes soccer?)



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