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Project Notes from a Pinterest Addict

About a week ago I posted a pinterest to-do wish list.  On it was a no-sew tulle tutu.

I decided why wait and I went out to Joann Fabric and Crafts and bought the supplies.

Multiple rolls of colored tulle (i found the best color selections in the wedding department).

Elastic (1/2 inch Braided Flat Elastic – white)

I then pulled out my measuring tape, mending kit and a pair of scissors.

Okay, okay, I know it says “no-sew” but I’d rather sew my elastic together than tie it.

I then wrapped the elastic around my thigh and began tying on the tulle.

After 72 – 20 inch strips of tulle (4 different colors). I finished with this….

Ewok wasn’t too sure of it at first because it didn’t feel like her ballet skirts, but I’m thinking that her impromptu fashion show that she likes it.  She even wore it to her “Princess Party” at her dance studio (where she takes tumbling and ballet).


Pinterest… the candy crush of the crafting world



All right… I’ll admit, I am one of those pinterest mom’s.  In fact I’ve never had a pinterest fail.  Not yet, I’m sure one will happen the more adventurous I become.

I love pinterest.  I get gardening ideas and tips. I find photography tutorials. Christmas decorations and gifts, dress up clothes,  many sewing projects (now I need to learn to sew) can be found on pinterest.

My love of this site is so deep that when i mention a new project I found on pinterest my husband rolls his eyes…

here are a few of my upcoming pinterest projects.

A few no-sew tulle tutu’s for Ewok


Taking an old T-shirt and making a kids dress out of it.


A pillow case dress for Ewok



A maxi dress for me


I’m still looking for something cool for Tank. But I also need to get the sewing machine out and cleaned before most of these will be a possibility.

Will post if anything comes of them.

Do you like crafts?  What do you like to do?


Summer Goals and Activities — HELP!!!

As many of you who read this know, we welcomed a little boy to our family on Monday.



Because of when he arrived I get to be a stay at home mom for this summer.  I have to admit I’m very excited.  As I’ve said before I wish it was something our family could afford to do all the time.

However, I am not going to pass this opportunity up.

I want to create a list of 100 goals / activities for myself… my daughter… things she and I can do together while Anthony is napping… places we can visit (North Western PA)… things we can do as a family…


I want to focus on my health and improving my photography skills, as well as connect more with friends and family.

I want to encourage Alayna in her learning.  Work on teaching reading, telling time, and her Biblical knowledge (the later is something i should work on myself).

I also wish for things for our family to do as a family.


My daughter will be 4 in August….


I am looking for suggestions on crafts and activities that she and I can do together.  I am looking for suggestions on books that will help with my photography skills.

I am looking for Bible Study suggestions — devotional books or topical studies…

I am also looking to improve my health and the over all healthy habits of my family… resources for this would also be much appreciated.


When I finish my families summer Bucket List I will post it to the blog.


Thank you in Advance for your suggestions!

A Gift for the Big Sister

As we near my due date preparation activities increase.  We’re talking about things we need and don’t have yet.  We’re discussing game plans on how we’re handling everything. And we still have every day life and responsibilities to deal with.

The new family member will be a big change for everyone in the house.  Including his Big Sister.




So I have been working on a present that she’ll get when we head to the hospital.  It has stuff in it to make it a special day for her as well.  

A tote bag with her name on it….




A t-shirt that shows she has a special role now…..




An apron for when she’s helping mommy….




A special hat…..




And finally some things to keep her entertained while we’re waiting for her brother to make his appearance….




And thanks to my In-laws taking my daughter for the night and most of today, I have this all ready and Alayna doesn’t have a clue it is coming (even though she helped pick out the decals – can you tell she likes soccer?)



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