Updated Math Wall

Teacher Tuesday


I posted previously about having walls that worked in the classroom.  Making them interactive rather than just pretty.

This was what my math wall looked like….




I decided this year to redo it so that everything was uniform and yet still held the same idea.  I have uploaded my files to Google Drive and I am going to share them for free.

My inspiration for these changes came from various sources on Pinterest. Here they are….




I took a few ideas from each of these and made my own special to what we will be working on in our classroom.

Math Wall 1 (School day count, place value and add)

(use number cared with this)

Math Wall 2 (Labels for subjects)

(plan on getting two decks of Trends 0-100 # Flashcards with number on one side word on the other)

10 Square (to go with “looks like”)

Piggy Bank

Clock Recorder

And this is the clock I plan on making to use with my classroom.




What else would you add to your math wall to make it the best it could be?



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