Planning for the New School Year

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Planning for the School Year


It’s that time of year!  It’s time to start thinking of classroom arrangements and *gasp!* LESSON PLANS!  This year to save money, I didn’t buy a planner, I created one for myself and personalized it so it would be best used for my classroom.

My planner is separated into

  • Circle Time
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Numbers
  • Language Arts (Literature/ Reader responses)
  • Language Development (Vocabulary, Spelling, and Writing)
  • Art/Music/Drama
  • Science/Social Studies

And then I left a space for notes

I do believe you can edit my categories to fit your needs.

 You can find my Lesson Planner here.

For long range planning (monthly themes) I also created a Long Range Planner that worked for me.  It is a blank template so maybe it will work for anyone else who would like it.

You can find my Long Range Planner here


I have not had the time to make myself a grade record book so I went searching online and I have to say (for home schoolers) is a great resource for grade recorders.  I chose to use her 10 Subject grade keeper.  I love it because you use one page for each student, you can keep grades for every subjects on that page and it is set up in a way where at a glance I can watch progress throughout the year, there isn’t any flipping pages to see if said student is doing better this semester as compared to last, it’s all on that one page for the THAT student.

If you would like to check out the Donna Yong Grade Recorder you can do that here

I hope this helps with your planning!

Share with me by commenting if there are any online resources that you love when planning for the next school year.


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