Classroom Walls that Work (not just look pretty)

Teacher Tuesday


Last year I had a small classroom.  A really small classroom.  On the weekends it was our church’s nursery.  During the week, it was the classroom for the Pre-Kindergarten class.

I wanted to do more than decorate my classroom.  I wanted walls that worked.  One part of the classroom I had the alphabet that we could use for recognition and practicing letter sounds. I had a wall with our sight words on it and a wall where we played our popcorn game.


Our popcorn game had blends on each piece of popcorn, and I lamented a popcorn box (bought at dollar general).


The most useful wall of my classroom was my math wall.





In our class we worked with number concepts up through 20 (but learned to count to 100 and skip count by 5 and 10’s).

The wall is set up for the students to interact with.  I can ask questions and they can use the board to explain and demonstrate their answers.



I love this board, but I had the idea to make it right before school started and didn’t take the time to make it like I wanted it.. With everything uniform (I have been accused of being OCD)

This was my inspiration


I do plan on making some changes to this board before I use it again.  I also plan on adding to it in hopes of making some more abstract concepts something we can work with in the concrete.

I am also planning on improving my calendar/weather center.

Much to my husband’s chagrin all my new ideas come from pinterest.

My clock from last year….



The clock I want to make for my wall



To make tally mark making a more concrete project a little sticky tac and some craft sticks and use this (instead of writing them on the board, we’ll still write them on the paper).





With my number wall I also used number pages 0-20.  We did them twice actually.  We did each page the day we reviewed the number and then we did them again at the end of the year as a full number review.  The second set I had made into books so each child could take their “Number Book” home.



I did not create these pages. They were created by an amazing teacher who runs another blog.  She has many other number page options available that may be more suitable to your classroom or children.


Check her out at

I am also pulling from another awesome Home school teacher and blogger for some Calendar Inspiration.

I love the idea of a flip chart for the Month, Day of the Week, Date, and Year, as well as the “Days in School” counter, and Weather Chart.

I plan on making these (maybe even using something similar with my children for enrichment).

This is a wonderful addition to the morning routine and can be modified to fit whatever age group or school type you are working with (i.e. a public school classroom wouldn’t use the prayer, but could post the Pledge of Allegiance).

MamaJenn has some amazing resources for home school parents and I have found some home school parents have ideas that work wonderfully in the classroom.

You can check out MamaJenn here

As I put some of my new ideas into action I will take pictures and keep you all updated.

What are some ways that you make your walls work in your classroom?

Please comment and share.






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