Dried Herbs and Spices Fresh from the Garden


The meal is nothing without properly utilized spices so today I am going to share my way of making my own dried herbs and spices (picked fresh from the garden), as well as share some other ways it can be done given that not everyone has access to the same tools.


Home- Made Dried Herbs & Spices


I made dried oregano, dried basil, celery salt and dried mint leaves.  I began by trimming my herb plants and rinsing them.  Basil I removed the leaves from the stem but the oregano and the mint I left on the stems (in the hope that they wouldn’t fall through the slats on my dehydrator.

The celery I bought and washed and cut into small pieces.

DSCF4804\ DSCF4803



I put them in my dehydrator and let it run approximately 8 hours.



Once they were dry I ran them each through the food processor (taking the oregano leaves off the stem before grinding them).  The mint I took straight from the dehydrator and put it in it’s jar. The celery MUST be completely hard (not soft or squishy or rubbery anywhere).

When I was done I had this:




The dehydrator is just one way to dry your herbs and spices. You can check out other methods to dry herbs at


Drying Herbs is Easier Than You Think

 Click the Picture to see more herb drying suggestions from Mother Earth News


Ways include

  1. Wrapping and hanging herbs
  2. Drying racks made of screened picture frames
  3. Oven Drying


Wrapping and Hanging Herbs

When you dry herbs by hanging them the first most important thing is to make sure they are securely bundled (rubber bands work well for this).

After they are bound find a cool place to hang them.

It should take a couple of days for them to dry.

Then you may put them through the food processor and place them in their storage container.


Drying Racks Made of Screened Picture Frames

Click the picture to learn how to make your own Tiered Drying Rack courtesy of Fresh Eggs Daily


Using a picture framed screened drying rack is easy.

Spread your herbs out over a screen and set it out to dry.

This does require a sunny day to be effective and probably should be started early in the morning so that your herbs get as much sun light and natural heat as possible.




Oven Dried Herbs

This is probably the least effective way because you essentially are cooking the herbs instead of drying them.  But this is the most common way (outside of a dehydrator) because it is quick and not reliant on the weather being nice.

Layer your herbs over a cheese clothes and wire cooling rack (or circulation), place in the middle rack and set the over to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch your herbs and leave them in until they are dry (not burnt).



Do you dry your own herbs?

Comment and let me know what method you use.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lara
    Jul 14, 2014 @ 14:55:30

    Thank you! I have planted my first herb garden this year and was wondering what the best way to dry herbs would be.


    • Rhiannon
      Jul 14, 2014 @ 14:58:40

      It will also help you to look up the various herbs you are growing for their best method of storage. Some herbs can not be dried, but can be chopped and frozen.


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