Supporting Local Farmers, Artisans & Businesses

FarmerSurprise Sunday


On Sundays I plan on leaving my blog open for anything.  Anything that is on my mind can be written about. Today I would like to talk about something near and dear to my heart…


Supporting Local Farmers, Artisans & Businesses


Our local market house allows for local farmers to set up tables and sell their fruits and veggies every weekend.  The second Saturday of every month it is more than a farmers market but a community market with local businesses set up and local artisans showing their wares and their talents.




I love taking the kids down to this.  They have much to look at.






They have crafts for the kids to do, Activities for them to try.  There was a guy this past Saturday who runs a Musical Petting Zoo.  Kids can come and play various instruments.

My daughter would have gladly spent ALL day there.




My favorite reason to go, though, are the incredible fruits and veggies on sale at various booths around the market.





Supporting local business does a lot for the economy of the area.  It allows small shop owners to make rent, give their kids dance lessons (or whatever else sport they have to pay to play).  Quality is better because return customers are literally everything to these shops.


Oh and I’d rather have something picked from the garden yesterday, than last week and then shipped across country.  The fruit and veggies are incredibly tasty and I know where my food is coming from.



local business




Do you have a farm market near you?

What is your favorite find at your local farm market?




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  1. Jacob Joy Kumar
    Jul 17, 2014 @ 07:41:36

    Oh i liked the Musical Petting Zoo, where kids can learn and play various Instruments. As the more they learn the more they were be used as a Powerful Instrument for God.


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