A Big “Oops”

Silly Saturday



All week this one video has amused me to no end.  Some guy had the WONDERFUL idea of dressing up so he appeared to be headless.  Think Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hallow, except no horse, no murderous rage, and a few very amusing trips through various drive-thru lines.

What gets me is no one asked, “how are you still alive?” or “did it hurt?”.  NO…. They ask “Where’s your head at?”


But I am going to have concede that the funniest thing of the week is the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s screw up.  Who ever sent the files from PennDOT to Selective service sent them as ’93, ’94, ’95,’96, ’97….

But this was 1893 – 1897…

That’s right, 14k men born between 1893 – 1897 received a letter telling them that they needed to register for selective service or face the consequences.

This left many 70 year old and older individuals very confused as their parents and grandparents, who by the way are long since deceased, were receiving selective service notices.

An Army of the Dead? Selective Service Sends Draft Notices to Men Born in the 1800′s

What is the funniest or most amusing thing you have seen or read this week?

Please share with me by commenting!


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