Worm Hunting

Worm Hunting


Today was a busy day.  I spent this morning making strawberry sauce to freeze, then the kid’s and I went outside.  My daughter loves to help me in the garden, and with the crazy beginning to summer we have had, i just put my garden in today (the last of the plants at least I started it weeks ago).

As we worked the soil I was happily pointing out to my daughter that we had good soil, lots of worms.

This excited her to the point where she decided that she needed to go on a worm hunt and collect worms.  I gave her a starter pot that I’d all ready planted the plant from, put some dirt in it and let her collect the worms.








This whole adventure was enjoyably out of character for my daughter.  It was only a couple of weeks ago where we dealt with a complete meltdown over what turned out to be red fuzz, that she had decided was a killer mosquito.

She claimed the worms tickled her bare hands and insisted on digging through the mud with her garden gloves on (no harm in that).

She was her normal goofy self.



And it brings me great joy to see her loving nature.  In a world where everything has to do something, everything has to have a purpose, I love that my daughter enjoys exploring and discovery.

Smell like dirt


Oh yeah and we mixed some mud and compost into a plastic bucket that all ready had holes in it, added some water and her worm collection which she dubbed her “Worm Fiesta“, and have started her own worm farm.  This should be interesting.


Do your kids help in the garden?

 Do they like to explore outside?



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