Continuing My Quest for Organization

There exists these amazing people who are always organized.  It seems as though everything is effortless for them.  You mention a project and they can immediately see everything that needs done and get to work.

I am not one of those people.

I would like to be one of those people.

I came across a challenge that I decided to take SC Johnson 31 Day To-Do List Challenge 

It’s simple..

Get a Notebook
Number it 1-31
Write out 31 things you need to complete around the home
Tackle 1 a day until the list is done


So this is my

31 Day To-Do List Challenge

          1. Clean Cupboards under microwave counter
          2. Clean Cupboard above microwave counter
          3. Clean & Polish Cupboard Doors
          4. Clean / Organize desk in basement
          5. Plot out garden / upturn soil
          6. Dig up old flower bed – pull bulbs & weeds
          7. Organize shed
          8. Update family binder
          9. Create menu board
          10. Organize recipes (type, print, file)
          11. Create Summer Activity List
          12. Create Easter Baskets
          13. Collect & Paint Rocks for Garden Markers
          14. Take kids on a hike
          15. Date Night With Mike (husband)
          16. Clean Silverware drawer
          17. Organize spice cupboard
          18. Organize cupboard above stove
          19. Organize cupboard below stove
          20. Create Laundry Center
          21. Dump & Clean Out Flower pots
          22. Add Compost to Gardens
          23. Clean back porch
          24. Plant out Garden
          25. Create cleaning schedule
          26. Create workout schedule
          27. Catch up on Ewok’s school stuff
          28. Create Family Schedule
          29. Take Easter Pictures
          30. Make Appointment with Nutritionist
          31. Register Ewok for Kindergarten

I am now four days into this and I plan on seeing it through… though it might be hard to only do one each day, but is that really a bad thing?

Any special plans for spring cleaning?  What are your favorite organizing go-to tricks?


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