Critical Thinking vs. Compassion

Let’s Get Quackery Out of Cancer Care by: Brian Palmer

I read the above article (clicking the picture will take you to the article), and for the most part I agree.  When you go to a hospital or a cancer treatment facility, scientifically proved treatments should be what is offered for healing.

However, I personally believe that these things that make someone feel better (less stressful) should be available to them at the facility (since they may be too sick to leave) in order to improve their quality of life if they choose them in ADDITION to traditional treatments.

When I commented on facebook on this article one woman felt strongly that “psuedo science and lies” should not be permitted.  It’s not a lie to say “it won’t treat the condition but it can treat your mood”.

Has our society become so focused on science that we have forgotten about compassion, that it isn’t a disease being treated but a person, with fears and worries and stress that also need to be dealt with and relieved?

I believe that these should not be promoted as solutions to bring about healing… science shows they won’t.

But, is it really that dangerous to allow these as options to pursue IN ADDITION to traditional treatment?

Are we sacrificing compassion in our pursuit of critical thinking?






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