Pinterest… the candy crush of the crafting world



All right… I’ll admit, I am one of those pinterest mom’s.  In fact I’ve never had a pinterest fail.  Not yet, I’m sure one will happen the more adventurous I become.

I love pinterest.  I get gardening ideas and tips. I find photography tutorials. Christmas decorations and gifts, dress up clothes,  many sewing projects (now I need to learn to sew) can be found on pinterest.

My love of this site is so deep that when i mention a new project I found on pinterest my husband rolls his eyes…

here are a few of my upcoming pinterest projects.

A few no-sew tulle tutu’s for Ewok


Taking an old T-shirt and making a kids dress out of it.


A pillow case dress for Ewok



A maxi dress for me


I’m still looking for something cool for Tank. But I also need to get the sewing machine out and cleaned before most of these will be a possibility.

Will post if anything comes of them.

Do you like crafts?  What do you like to do?



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. J Govan Designs
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 03:30:33

    I laughed about your hubby rolling his eyes at your new additions to your projects. My hubby just stares at me. Lol! I love Pinterest! The pillow case dress is on my list as well and the maxi dress. Have fun with your projects!


    • Rhiannon
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 03:36:12

      My husband has this amazing mechanical mind. There isn’t a thing he can’t fix, and if he can’t, it can’t be fixed. However, he by passed creativity when God was handing out characteristics. My blogging astounds him (i’m not sure he reads it but he tells me I write more for fun than he ever did for college), and he can not figure out why I find craft projects fun and relaxing. And this is why I blog and do crafts, and he fixes the cars and whatever breaks in the house.


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