Breaking the Stuff Addiction in my Daughter


Our home always feels like we are overwhelmed with clutter.  I hate clutter.  I have a problem keeping up with getting rid of it.  There never seems to be enough hours in a day.

Over Christmas break I made great strides in organizing our bedrooms and the linen closet, and the linen closet still looks like this…




I have been avoiding the basement…





…. And I’m sure you can see why


That is the best word to describe our basement.  In Ewok’s defense our basement flooded this past summer when we had some heavy rains and stuff that was not put away (ooh someone didn’t pick up their toys!) had to be quickly picked up and dried off and just put places.  Some of the mess is mine, I haven’t organized my craft stuff yet, it’s just up on shelves and piled on a desk in the corner (I didn’t show that)

There are many things in this “junk” that are not played with for various reasons.

Some are just too young for her and do not hold her interest anymore. These can be stored for when Tank is old enough for them.

Some are broken, and my little pack rat refuses to throw them away (they will turn up missing after tonight).

Others were put down stairs when they should have been put out in our shed to be played with outside, they are NOT indoor toys.

Finally, some are just not her style but being a little pack rat she doesn’t want to give them away.  These will get boxed up and taken to the Second Chance Store.

The Second Chance store is my favorite local thrift store.  They take donations and except what is needed to maintain the store and pay their employees all proceeds go to take care of the animals housed at our local humane society shelter.

We may not be ready to adopt a pet but we can give our gently used items to help take care of them until they find a forever home.

So the basement is my organizing foe.  I am overwhelmed with Ewok’s toys.  Ewok is overwhelmed with her toys.  I have thought and considered how to organize this mess.



Then I came across a blog and it has served as inspiration.


Click Picture to read Ruth Soukup’s post on Living Well Spending Less

Tonight I will forgo sleep to invade my little pack rat’s space and de-clutter.

I contemplated calling my mother in law and asking if they could take her for a few hours tomorrow, but I fear doing that will make me enjoy quiet time and I won’t actually accomplish anything.

Instead I will make it a covert mission, invade and purge her play space and let her find it clean, organized, and missing everything she doesn’t need.

She has some plastic bins but I fear not enough.  I’m hoping to get some of these…



… from the Dollar Tree.  I really love that store.

I will put pieces to games in gallon bags, label them and put the bags into the bins.  This way they all have a set place but they’re also all organized in groups.

Every bin will get a label and they’ll be word labels because Ewok is starting to read and it will be expected of her to figure out the word and put the right toy in the right bin (sorry sweetie no picture labels for you).

When I get this all done, I’ll take pictures and update my blog with after pictures (including how badly my daughter melts down when she realizes I won’t let her continue hoarding).

Well both kids are sleeping… it’s time to get to work….


How do you keep control of your kid’s toys?


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