What’s Keeping You From Church?

What excuses are you using to avoid church?

* I’m too tired

* Kids are acting unruly

* The streets are bad (hey it is winter in Northwestern PA)

* Kids are sick

* I have a headache

Excuses are easy to find and even easier to use to help rationalize why you shouldn’t be doing what you really should be doing.

I woke up this morning with a headache, and even after breakfast it hasn’t gone away.  So I thought, “eh…. we’ll just stay home”

Then I say this on my facebook feed…

My kids being sick would keep me from work and maybe the streets being super snowy and dangerous to drive on but nothing else on my excuse list would stop me.

If I were to wake up with a headache on a work day, I’d take an Ibuprofen and head to work anyways.


I’ll see you all after church…

So what’s keeping you from church this morning?

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