Annoyed, Angry, and Laughing!

I must tell one story in order to tell another…


Every summer my cousin, Raymond, from Texas would come north to visit.  During one of his visit,s grandma took the two of us out shopping.  On the way home she chose to take the back roads.  She stopped at a gas station to fill up my grandfather’s truck.  This was not the vehicle she was use to.  Her mini van had a lever under the dash that would pop the flap on the gas tank.  She searched for this lever in papa’s truck.  Of course it was no where to be found.  She stopped a man coming from the convenience store…

“Sir, can you help me, I can’t figure out how to open my gas tank.”

The man came over, looked at the truck and pushed open the flap on the gas tank.

RJ and I were laughing.

This was also the time when pay at the pump was a new feature at some gas stations.

So there stood my grandmother, gas pump hose in one hand, debit card in the other.. staring at the gas pump.

We assume the man must have looked back and seen this pitiful sight, because the next thing grandma knows he takes the gas pump hose from her, puts it into the gas tank and goes, “I think you can handle it from here ma’me”.

Grandma still hasn’t lived this incident down, RJ and I won’t let her.

Fast forward about 15 to 16 years…..

I get out of work and decide i’ll stop at the little gas station next to where I work.  It is a small parking lot with one row of pumps, 4 pumps total, two on each side.

I pull into the gas station behind some guy, some inconsiderate guy, who stops at the back pump requiring that I go around him and back my car into the front pump.  I’m frustrated to say the least.  Etiquette at such a gas station is to pull to the front pump, but this guy didn’t car.

Then he watched me as i struggle to get my car backed in by the pump so that I was close enough.  I kept looking back and giving him dirty looks and was muttering things that probably shouldn’t be thought under my breath about him.  I was frustrated at first, but the more he just stood there texting on his phone and watching me struggle the more angry I got. The worse my thoughts became.


He realized his pump was on the other side of his car and he backed up and went to the pumps on the other side!

Now I was angry and I muttered to myself, “If you’re too stupid to work a gas pump you shouldn’t be driving!”

And then I remembered grandma and the gas pump and that kind, but most likely flabbergasted, man so many years ago and I wondered, “did he mutter the same thing about my grandma that day?”

And I laughed like a crazy person whose other personality is telling them a joke the entire time I finished pumping my gas.

I’m sure the guy thought I was crazy, laughing at nothing, but what started to put me in a bad mood actually uplifted me and left me with a smile on my face.


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