The Goal Commitment Challenge

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This year I set a goal for myself to be more organized, not just in keeping a clean house but in everything.  I want to keep up with my friends and family’s birthdays (I’m horrible at getting cards out).  I want to keep my house as clean as one with two small children can. I want to keep up on laundry so I don’t feel like I’m drowning in it.  I want to not be so scatter brained because everything could be anywhere.

I also want to be healthier.  I found an article earlier today titled “10 Things All Healthy Diets Have In Common”

10 Things All Healthy Diets Have In Common


It’s all great advice that I have heard before but haven’t been following.


The worst advice is the advice you don’t take

Then I checked my Sparkpeople account, and the one team I am on issued a two week challenge.  We are to make a list of 14 goals (10 of which are health and fitness related).  We are then to write them on slips of paper, put them in a jar, hat, bowl… whatever… and then each day for the next 14 days we are to draw one goal out of the “hat” and do whatever the slip says to do.  It must be completed the day you select it.


My goals are:

1. Eat 5 servings of Fruit and Veggies

2. 30 min Cardio Workout

3. 20 min Strength Workout

4. 30 minute Step Workout

5. Get 7 hours of sleep

6. Cook a new healthy recipe for my family

7. 30 min on stationary bike

8. Do Tao Bo DVD Workout

9. Do a Yoga Workout

10. Drink 8+ glasses of water (I drew this one today)

11. Take down Christmas Decorations

12. Record Christmas Cards for next years list

13. Organize Kitchen and Dining Room

14. Organize Magazines

Okay, So how does one organize magazines?  Ha-ha!  Well last Christmas my husband was given a hand scanner.  I tend to use it more than he does.  He uses it occasionally, but I use it more.  I love it.  What I do is, I scan all the articles in the magazine that I want to keep for reference for later.  Then I tear out all the recipes that I want to add to my recipe box.  Then I can recycle my magazines and NOT have them laying around the house.  I love my magazines but they are more clutter than I care for in my house.



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