Declutter Day 2 & 3 – Unplanned setbacks & Surprising Successes

Well yesterday I tried to post using my nook as I laid in bed listening to my son fuss at 4 am.  I learned my nook and wordpress are not particularly friendly with one another.


Yesterday I was suppose to declutter my son’s room.  He’s 6 months old and wears 18-24 month baby clothes.  Yes, my six month old is the size of your average one year old.  The doctor says he is not over weight, he’s proportional to his height and therefore just a big child.

Well things did not work out as well as I would have hoped.  He woke up hungry, of course, and I got up with him and fed him.  It wasn’t long after he ate his breakfast that he was tired and wanted a nap.  So I laid him down for a nap.  That’s just what you do when the baby is tired.

He took a long nap and by the time he got up we had guests.  Then we left to go visit another friend who lives an hour and half a way.  We got home just a little before midnight.  He was asleep when I laid him in bed.   By the time we unpacked the car and got our showers it was near 3 am and Tank was starting to fuss.

I made him a bottle, he didn’t want it. I put it in the fridge, changed his diaper patted hi back and he started to go back to sleep.

But then he changed his mind.  From 3 am to 4 am I listened to him chatter at his mobile in his room.  Then he started crying again.  I brought he down stairs, warmed the bottle, he ate it and snuggled up to me.  I was rocking him and I thought he was falling asleep.  I was just getting ready to take him back to bed when he coughed, gagged and spit up all over himself, the chair and me (found out this morning he also got a pile of games the kids got for Christmas and my husband’s computer — luckily it was shut). I cleaned him up, then myself, then the chair.  He finally fell asleep about 5 am and so did I.

To my disdain I didn’t wake up until 10am.  Yes, I know i needed my sleep, but I hate sleeping in that late.  It makes it hard for me to go to sleep the next night and I feel as though I’ve wasted the day.

But the day was not lost.  I managed to get the living room decluttered and have begun to sift through and thin out my magazines (tearing out recipes i want and scanning articles I want to refer to again later).

I still haven’t gotten Tank’s room completed, but tomorrow I will continue with my plan to declutter and organize our linen closet.  I need to formulate a plan of attack for keeping it clean.  That closet is an issue for us.  I plan on cleaning the bathrooms as well (we have a full bath upstairs and a powder room on the main level).

Thursday Ewok is spending the day with her great grandma and since my wonderful husband cleaned out the fridge today (so he had room to let the pizza dough rise), I just need to organize the counters in the kitchen, so maybe I can get to Tanks room that day as well. If not I know the master bedroom won’t take long, we don’t keep much in there, and i just plan on getting rid of clothes I haven’t touched in the past year.  If i don’t wear it,  I don’t keep it, and there is this awesome thrift store called the “second chance store” whose proceeds go towards supporting our local human society animal shelter.  So if not Thursday then I’ll get to my son’s room on Friday.

The task i’m dreading is my weekend task.  The basement.  I’m a crafter, and my craft stuff is just piled on the desk in the basement.  It makes the work space unusable.  The basement also holds my daughter’s play room (it will be Tank’s play room too when he gets a bit older).  There are toys that Ewok doesn’t use and they’re too girly for Tank.  I’m not against boys playing with “girl” toys, or vice versa.  For now it’s clutter, and I need to get rid of it.  I’m afraid some of it might not even be donate-able.

We’ll see, that room will be a lot of work.  But it needs done, i just hope I don’t burn out by then.



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