Christmas Break Decluttering

Last week I was on facebook *gasp* (no surprise there!) and I saw

Click the picture to visit her page


This inspired me!

I made a plan…


Ewok’s Room


Tank’s Room


Living Room


Linen Closet




Master Bedroom



Yesterday, I tackled Ewok’s room.  Looking back i should have taken before pictures.  Her room was a disaster and it wasn’t entirely her fault.  She’d been given hand me downs that I just hadn’t taken the time to sort through.  Because her closet and drawers were packed so full of clothes that didn’t fit her (too small), I just left the hand me downs in the bags they were given to me in and set them in the corner of her room.

This was compounded by her bringing toys to her room from the basement play area.  This is not allowed, but wasn’t caught. Add on to that the fact that the Christmas decorations are kept in the attic space that is accessed from her closet and you have the perfect storm for a disaster room.

Step 1

I pulled EVERYTHING out of her closet.

Step 2

I swept and dusted.

Step 3

Then I began to put things back.

The first challenge I encountered was What do I do with all of her headbands? 

So i took a break and took to Pinterest

I found:

And decided this was too time involved for the task at hand and finally settled on a much simpler solution

And this was how I did it:


After sorting through her clothes and removing everything that doesn’t fit.  Removing a kitchen trash bag of garbage and organizing stuffed animals and books (the only things she’s allowed to keep in her room).  I have one room completed in my organizing schedule.




Today I tackle my son’s room.  I am hoping that it will not be as involved as he does not yet add his own junk the way my daughter does.


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