New Look, New Features

I am so thankful for those of you who read my blog.  Many times as a blogger I feel like what I do means little more than an extended facebook status update.

I wonder…

Does anybody read this?  Does anyone even care what I have to say?  But the response I get from all of you lets me know that even if it’s not horribly important that at least you are enjoying what you read.

A few months ago I had the bright idea to make daily themes to encourage my writing to be consistent. That was a great theory but as  working mom I don’t always have time to write everyday, and the themes posed one more issue.  I would think of something for Mommy Monday and it would be Thursday.  Or during my devotional time I would think of something for Bible Thought Thursday, but it would be Saturday.  It made it tough to use my blog the way I would like to.

So instead I made pages.  I can add content to the pages as I think of it, but it doesn’t stop me from posting whatever is on my mind, whenever it is on my mind.  This should make my blog better than it was before.  I will still use these themes because they are all part of my life, and they will help guide the content of this blog, but I will no longer be confined to a specific day for each topic.

My pages reflect who I am, a Christian, a Wife and Mother, A teacher, and I decided to add one more page, Photography.  It is a hobby of mine.  I love taking pictures and would love if one day I could make a living from it.  The photography page is just a selection of the pictures I have taken.

Please look around, and feedback would be wonderful!


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