Advent and Elves

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What is Advent?


Advent is the period of four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Each Sunday of Advent a candle is lit on the Advent wreath, each one having a meaning pertaining to the season.

Sunday 1 – Purple Candle – Prophecy Candle / Candle of Hope

We can have hope because God is faithful and will keep the promises made to us. Our hope comes from God.

Romans 15:12-13

Sunday 2 – Purple Candle – Bethlehem Candle / Candle of Preparation

God kept his promise of a Savior who would be born in Bethlehem. 

Luke 3:4-6

Sunday 3 – Pink Candle – Shepherds Candle / Candle of Joy

The angels sang a message of joy! 

Luke 2:-15

Sunday 4 – Purple Candle – Angel’s Candle / Candle of Love

The angles announced the good news of a Savior.  God sent his only Son to earth to save us, because he loves us!

John 3:16-17

Christmas – White Candle – Christ’s Candle

 The white candle reminds us that Jesus is the spotless lamb of God, sent to wash away our sins! His birth was for his death, his death was for our birth!

John 1:29

But we don’t celebrate on just Sunday and Christmas, we try to make each day special.

Here are our plans:

 Day 1 – Read “The Christmas Story” book  &  Light the Candle of Hope

Day 2 – Make Salt dough ornaments

Day 3 – Buy a toy to donate to “Toys for Tots”

Day 4 – Write a letter to Santa

Day 5 – Read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Day 6 – Watch “Littlest Drummer Boy”

Day 7 – Bake Cupcakes

Day 8 – Christmas Craft & Light the Candle of Preparation

Day 9 Make gifts of homemade hot chocolate mix and marshmallows for a few of our neighbors.

Day 10 – Take treats to the neighbors

Day 11 – Wrap Christmas Presents for grandparents and great grandparents

Day 12 – Read “No Two A Like” & make paper snowflakes

Day 13 – Bake Sugar Cookies

Day 14 – Decorate Sugar Cookies

Day 15 – Christmas craft & Light the Candle of Joy

Day 16 – Watch “It’s Christmas Charlie Brown” on Netflix

Day 17 – Make teacher’s Christmas gifts

Day 18 – Take donations to Human Society

Day 19 – Make rice crispy “snowballs”

                • Rice crispy treats rolled into a ball, dusted with powdered sugar

Day 20 – Watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Day 21 – Make Candy Cane Reindeer treats

Day 22 – Give out Candy Cane Treats at Church & Light the Candle of Love

Day 23 – Bake cookies for Santa

Day 24 – Read “Twas the night before Christmas”

Day 25 – Light Christ’s Candle & enjoy Christmas

Sugar the Elf

Sugar the Elf is our awesome friend.  She is an elf who comes to visit us all the way from the North Pole.

She can’t talk, but she does listen very well, and she watches the kids and reports back to Santa.

She is also mischievous.

Last year she wrote Ewok’s name with her cereal and climbed our Christmas tree.

This year mommy is planning a bit better and Sugar is going to get into some real trouble.

Here is what Sugar is planning for this year:

Friday, November 29th – Sugar returns with a gift (new ornaments for the tree, two for each kid)

Saturday, November 30th – Sugar Makes Breakfast

Sunday, December 1st – Flour “Snow Angel”

Monday, December 2nd – Fishing for Goldfish

Tuesday, December 3rd – Elf “kisses” (Hershey Kisses)

Wednesday, December 4th – Reading to Friends

Thursday, December 5th – Money to buy Tank a Christmas Gift

Friday, December 6th – Make Cookies (flour everywhere)

Saturday, December 7th – Candy Cane Garden Kit

            • Magical Dirt (Oatmeal)
            • Candy Cane Seeds (Peppermints)
            • Candy Cane Fertilizer (Christmas Sprinkles)
            • Directions : Pour magical dirt into a bowl, “plant” seeds, cover with fertilizer and wait

Sunday, December 8th – Gift: New Book (subject to good behavior)

Monday, December 9th – Create Block Tower

Tuesday, December 10th – Marshmallow bath

Wednesday, December 11th – Hanging from Dining room Chandelier

Thursday, December 12th – Glow sticks for a “Glow in the Dark Bath”

Friday, December 13th – Elf Zip-line

Saturday, December 14th – M&M Candy Canes in Candy Cane Garden

Sunday, December 15th – Gift: Coloring book & Crayons (subject to good behavior)

Monday, December 16th – Q-tip Snowflake

Tuesday, December 17th – Colored in Coloring book

Wednesday, December 18th – Shoe Sleighride

Thursday, December 19th – Count down 5 days until Christmas (use a chalk board)

Friday, December 20th – Gift: Nail polish for Mommy/ Daughter spa night

Saturday, December 21st – Crepe Paper “kid trap” (block doorway with crepe paper, sugar sits at breakfast table with roll of crepe paper and tape)

Sunday, December 22nd – Letter to Alayna wishing her to do a good job in the Christmas program at church

Monday, December 23rd – Leave a message with the breakfast cereal on table

Tuesday, December 24th – Leave Reindeer food

*Reindeer Food*

                  • Oats
                  • Red & Green Sprinkles

Just a sprinkle on the lawn at night,

The moon will make it sparkle bright.

As Santa’s reindeer fly & roam

This treat will guide them to your home.


(sugar returns with Santa, will see her again next year)

I will post our own pictures as we begin our holiday fun, but I thought I’d post our plans in case anyone is searching for ideas.

What holiday traditions does your family have?


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