…a season for every activity under the sun

I submitted a blog entry to Blogs by Christian Women, and recently received an email saying that my submission has been accepted and I will be a featured as a guest blogger on October 31rst.

I was born and raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  Growing up I played sports this climate was made for.  I mountain biked and swam in the summers; I played basketball in the fall, skied and ice skated in the winter and played softball in the spring.  Each season brought new sights, new smells, new sounds, and adventures.

Then in 2010 this Yankee girl moved south, all the way down to Livingston Parish, Louisiana. There was no culture shock, at least nothing that compared to what I experienced when I moved from Amish country to Pittsburgh (and no I’m not Amish I just live near a small community of them), but it was different.

I loved it down there. I don’t think I would have moved back had God not brought into my life a man from my hometown only a short month after making the big move. In the two years I lived there I enjoyed the food, the history, and most of all the weather.

But there was something I missed greatly. I missed seeing the seasons change.  In the south autumn and spring do not exist in the way they do up north.  The seasons are merely marked by a date on a calendar not by the changing of the leaves, or new buds on the tree.  The lack of changing seasons made me feel as though something was missing from the year.  Then I moved back to Pennsylvania to marry the man who is now my husband.  That first northern winter felt like it would never end.

As my second winter in Pennsylvania approaches I consider Ecclesiastes 3:1

“There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the sun.”

                Our lives go through seasons just as the year does, and each serves a purpose in God’s plan to make us who He wants us to be, and to prepare us for what He has planned in our lives…


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