Lazy Family Saturday



This has been a crazy busy week.  It doesn’t help that our area has trick or treat a week early (yes we had it on Thursday October 24th).


Of course my princess had to be a princess, but not just any princess…


A Pirate Princess!


But she had a good time.  She went around with her friend (there were 3 adults and 2 kids in the trick or treating group)


She had such a good time that she didn’t have the energy to make it home awake…


The Friday, I did not have work but my daughter had school. After dropping her off at school I came home cleaned, had some quality time with my little guy.

Who can’t smile when this looks at you…



Then I started planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas

You see we have an elf named Sugar who comes and visits us right after thanksgiving.  She hangs around until Santa picks her up on Christmas Eve.

She was new to our family and last year I planned poorly.

You see Sugar is mischievous, and she sometimes gets into trouble.

This is what she got into last year.


But it was her only good prank.

So i decided to get started early this year

Sugar came to visit us early this year….


Then she left Ewok a letter


Sugar won’t be back until the day after Thanksgiving But I will be ready.

Monday I will be posting my Thanksgiving, Advent, and Elf plans on my “Mommy Monday” post.

As for the giant pumpkin Sugar was riding, my husband and my daughter (well she looked on) carved the pumpkin this morning.



Eww… Daddy has gross pumpkin hands!


But she was much more receptive to it once it was completed





After that mess was cleaned up I finished decorating for fall.

I’m not one who decorates for Halloween.  Halloween originated as a pagan holiday but here in the USA it has become a cultural tradition.  I would prefer to decorate so that I could leave the decorations up until I start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving.

My awesome husband brought me home six corn stalks from the field yesterday and using twine I secured them to our front porch


This evening the children and I have just hung out, talked, played and of course, have taken pictures.

I love days like this, and I love the two munchkins on my lap.



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