British Newspapers Leave So Many Questions Unanswered




The following is inspired by my friends at Cheezeburger

First off Kudos to the Brits for having rednecks crazier than those found in the USA; and we have “The Turtle Man” and “Swamp People” and Bobo from Finding Bigfoot.

After reading the article I’m left with a few questions

1.) Why are the number of teeth the man posses more important to the article than why he chose to go after the man’s penis?

2.) Is the fact that the victim “never felt such excruciating pain like that before in his life” really news worthy?  Considering the nature of his injuries I would think that statement would be implied.

3.) How does “dangerous driving” relate at all to this incident?  It didn’t take place in a car so further explanation feels necessary.

My last question, though it really doesn’t pertain to the article but to the judge presiding over the case.

How did she say what she said to him without laughing?

If It had been me I don’t think I could have said that without laughing.  The whole case is so absurd.  Her professionalism is remarkable.

That is, unless, this is an everyday occurrence.

In which case,

The British are nuts!


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