Monday’s Are Rough




Monday mornings my husband is still at work (he gets home some time on Monday evenings).  This means to get everyone to their respective places we leave the house around 6:30 am.  I wake Ewok at about 6:15 am dress her and carry her to the car where she promptly goes back to sleep.  About 6:25 am I change Tanks diaper, and we head out the door.  Most of the time when I reach my in-laws both kids are sound asleep in the back seat, and I pass a sleeping baby off to my mother in law and then continue on to my grandmother’s to drop Ewok off so she can catch the school bus.   Today, Tank was awake and giggling when I dropped him off and I carried Ewok into my grandmother’s.

Evening was as off as morning.  We got home, I made dinner, folding part of the laundry. Ewok refused to eat what I had made, well she only ate a few bits and stopped and threw a fit.  Then while I cleaned the kitchen she “helped” with the laundry by unfolding all that I had folded.  I walked into the living room to find her swimming in our clean clothes as though she had just found the most wondrous pile of leaves.

Ewok was cranky and cantankerous and the whole night, all the way up to bedtime felt like a fight. In fact she screamed herself to sleep.

I’m still folding laundry, my living room is full of piles of clean clothes that I still need to take upstairs and put away.  It is 11:09 pm.  I don’t have the energy to be working this hard for this long.

Tuesday has to be better than Monday way.

I need to figure out how to make my household run smoother. I’m tired of feeling like I’m scrambling all the time.  I feel overwhelmed constantly with all that I need to keep up with.  I know this makes me edgy and I know that adds to Ewok’s poor mood.  I was hoping to find time in the evenings to workout, but i’m seeing all ready that won’t work.  I guess that means waking up early.  It looks like every day needs to start at 5:30 am for me, or i’m never going to get time for myself.

There really aren’t enough hours in a day, at least there isn’t in my day.


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