Low Battery




I have not made my goal this week of posting every day this past week.  I’ve not kept many of my goals.  This is leading me to reorganizing my priorities.  I need to see what I’m doing, what i’m not doing, what can be done more efficiently.  I’d like to wake up and not feel overwhelmed by the same repeating to do list.

I’m also tired of feeling tired.  No matter how much I sleep it is never enough.  I know it is because i’m not eating right, nor am I exercising enough, nor am I sleeping enough.  All of this adds to my every day stress.  A lot of it  comes down to a lack of discipline on my part.

I need a plan.

I’ve been praying about this.  This needs to be lead by God because I can not do this without it.  I have been looking towards theberry.com for inspiration.






Blogging is a motivation for me.  If I know someone will be checking up on me I’m much more likely to stick with it.  And if it works, maybe it will inspire someone else to do it too.  I have a new Blog tags.  Watch for….


images (1)


When I post about my health and fitness


images (1)

When I talk and show about getting my life and house in order.


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