Manic Mommy Monday


It really should be “Manic Mommy Monday”.  This has not been my weekend.  This has not been my day.  I woke up this morning at 5:30…

Hold on let’s back up.

Yesterday my son was so congested that he sounded like Chewbacca talking whenever he would breath.  I had him in the bathroom with me while I showered to let the steam help.  I was constantly using the nasal aspirator on him to no avail.  I finally put him to bed with the humidifier filled with water and vics vapor rub.

The tall furry guy from Star Wars is Chewbacca for those who don’t know. Seems fitting since we call my daughter Ewok

To be fair, These are Ewoks for those of you who aren’t familiar with Star Wars. (lol, I hope my children don’t hate me later for this)

Around 1:30 am my son’s breathing started to sound better, and I was able to relax and fall asleep.  But every sound he made I woke up.  Then at 5:30 am I got up and started getting ready for the day. I got everything packed up, and ready for my day.  I got Ewok ready for school, and then got Tank changed and into the car.

We left the house about 6:40 am.  I dropped Tank off at my mother-in-laws and headed off to my grandmother’s to drop Ewok off to catch the bus to school. I headed off to work and began my morning by setting up my room and making my plethra of copies.  I didn’t get through my weeks copies because at 8:15 am I received a phone call from my grandmother.  Ewok’s bus never came to pick her up.  Apparently, my daughters school doesn’t always follow the local school district because we all had school.  The 4’s teacher at my preschool said Ewok could join them for the day so I drove up to my grandma’s (a whole 2 blocks away) to pick up Ewok and bring her back with me.

Ewok eats breakfast and lunch at school and they’re not allowed to pack, they must eat center provided meals.  At 10 am I realized i don’t stand a chance at “mother of the year” because my child HASN’T EATEN BREAKFAST.  I hadn’t packed her a lunch either but I just shared my lunch with her, but come on; no breakfast?  Well, she did have breakfast, at 10:15 am she was having goldfish crackers and juice. Oh yeah there is a breakfast of champions!

The day turned out all right in the end, but this was a Monday.  Not just Monday but A MONDAY!

My intention had been to share about our plans to decorate the house with painted pumpkins and show before and after photos of our work, and I don’t see us getting to that craft today, I think I’ll be lucky if I don’t get carried off by the men in the white coats.

Guess it’s time to go make dinner.  If i can’t feed them breakfast I should at least aim for dinner!

Oh and no my daughter isn’t some short hairy child, she just sounded a lot like an Ewok when she first started talking and the nickname stuck.


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