To Each Their Own…


It absolutely amazes me how opinionated and judgmental people can be about another person’s life.   I like to read various blogs from a website called the Stir.  Some are funny, some are stupid and poorly written, and others just sound like rantings.  I understand that.  I’m sure I’ve had one of each of those style of blogs. Sometimes you just need to rant.

Recently I read a blog about the Duggars. For those who don’t know,  Bob and Michelle Duggar are a couple who have been married for 29 years, and they currently have 19 children ages 3 to 25 (and three grandchildren from Joshua, 25 and his wife).  Michelle has recently been quoted saying she would love to have a 20th child.  This has been met with a bunch of rude comments about them contributing to overpopulation, or living on tax payer dime (Jim owns multiple businesses one of which he gave to his oldest son as a wedding gift) as well as the money they make from their TLC reality show). Others comment on how their older children are losing their childhood because they’re helping take care of the younger children.

This is what I can not understand.

First of all Michelle and Bob are married.  Michelle may have 19 kids but they all have the same father, their father is involved in his children’s lives, and he supports them financially.  Michelle is a stay at home mom and she home schools her kids.  She’s not running around leaving her older kids to take full care of the younger kids.  Yes, the older kids do help with the younger kids, but she’s not passing the buck off.  The family works as a team, as a unit.  They support one another.

The responsibility the older children are given teaches them skills they’ll use later in life, it also gives the younger children a sense of freedom.  Who wouldn’t rather turn to a brother or a sister for advice over their parents.  Why is teaching your child responsibility and thinking of others before yourself, and independence a bad thing? Michelle is still there, she’s still active in her children’s lives.

Twenty children are not my idea of a happy household.  It would be complete chaos to me, but Michelle and Bob Duggar make it work.  Their kids are happy and healthy, and much more well rounded and responsible than many children in society today.

I wonder if so many people are negative towards Michelle Duggar for the same reason I dislike Martha Stewart.  They see something in her they wish they could achieve but know there is nothing in their own power that could ever make it happen.

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