Daily Blogs

I’m not sure if I will manage to get into daily blogging, but I would very much like to.  I’m going to spend some time tomorrow planning out next weeks blogs and will try to post something each day.

Watch for the following topics



I think if I am posting a short daily (or close to) devotional with corresponding prayer that this will help keep me on track with my own devotionals.  I will pull what I post from what I’m doing in my own private time with God.


I love being a mother, but it comes with its challenges and conundrums, and I plan on sharing the fun and the activities that we work on.


I’m a teacher and I really feel like I should be sharing my favorite lessons and activities with other teachers and parents who home school.  I know I look online to home school parents for activities to do with my daughter and with my students, so why shouldn’t I share back?


Being a wife, a mother, and a teacher, I deal with some of the craziest situations. For example, today my children and I attended a baby shower for my husband’s cousin ( we graduated high school together too).  As we sat with my mother – in – law and my husband’s aunt my daughter made my mother in law and myself laugh, while confusing his aunt.

Aunt Janis had commented on how sweet Tank was; to which Ewok replies, “yeah, he tastes good”.  I’m still trying to figure out how to get my daughter to stop licking her brother, and the car, and my grandmother’s refrigerator, and the railing, and……


I am joining a Women’s Bible Study here this coming week and I think on Thursdays I should start sharing what God is teaching me.


My family consists of my wonderful husband, and our four year old daughter and four month old son.  Kids might add some kookiness to life, but my husband is my rock, my best friend, and my partner in crime He has taught our four year old sarcasm and she uses it well… I have introduced her to Weird Al Yankovic.

Though having listened to “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi” on repeat for the past three days whenever we’re in the car is beginning to make me regret that.  She’s also starting to ask questions and while I can figure out some of the Yiddish he uses, there is an entire sentence that I have no idea what is being said.  So far I’ve only had to explain what a Rabbi was.

Now that I’ve chased that rabbit, lets get back to the point of “Family Friday”.

Family Fridays will talk about marriage, and things I have learned in this first year.  I will share family ideas and activities, and some weeks will just be musings of family life.



Sometimes it will come on Saturdays, others on Sundays, sometimes both, but these will be general musings.  Thoughts about the week, plans for the next week, responses to things happening in the news.  I find the most time to write on the weekends and to have a weekend catch all will be a big help.

It is my hope that having these themes will also help me to focus my blogging and will make things more enjoyable for my readers.

I can’t wait to get started!


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