From the Sparrow’s Nest

Proverbs 31 Challenge – Month 1

Currently our house is going through an organizing upheaval.  I doubt he thought about it, but it seems as if my husband picked the week of my thirty-one party to rearrange furniture and begin to streamline our lives so that I will remain motivated to finish the cleaning process in a timely manner.

Originally I planned to focus on ‘Homemaking’ to chronicle this process. God had other plans and He made that apparent as I sat in church yesterday.

Psalm 84

I read this Psalm and felt as if God was telling me, “How can you honor me with your household and life if you haven’t drawn close to me?  How will you do any of what you wish to accomplish if you’re just going through the motions. Enter into my courts, get to know me again. Let me build your character to reflect me and this challenge won’t feel like an up hill battle.”

And so my plans have changed.  Instead of telling you all about how I plan to get organized (which I will do at some point); I’m going to begin inwardly by drawing closer to God. Giving an effort to be more disciplined in my faith.

Over the next four weeks (Today, September 23rd to Sunday October 20th) I will work on bettering my understanding of who God is through prayer and Bible study.  I will also focus on discovering the characteristic God wishes for me to live, and how He expects me to interact with those around me, both at home and in our community.

Week 1 – Prayer / Who is God?

Week 2 – Fruit of the Spirit : Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness

Week 3 – Fruit of the Spirit: Patience, Peace, Self – Control, and Joy

Week 4 -Creating a daily quiet time with God (even if it means hiding in the bathroom for 10 minutes)

I will post at the end of each week what I have done and what I have learned.  I will share about my experiences and what they have meant to me.


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