Book Review: When Life Feels Like A Taylor Swift Song


I am blessed with an amazing man of God as my husband. He is still a guy; still thinks and acts like a guy.

But that guy is my best friend, and while he’s not perfect, he’s still my prince charming.

Not every guy is good at romance, my husband is not, at least not in a way most girls view romance.   I have to stress, I have never doubted his love for me. A guy can make you feel very loved with out romance.

Every young girl dreams about two days; her wedding day, and the day her prince proposes.

My wedding day was magical, the proposal – not so much – but that didn’t hinder my excitement or my joy.

When you think of proposals; girls see a romantic movie in their head. The scene where turmoil a side her guy gets down on one knee; makes a proclamation of his love and asks her to be his wife. She cries, but through her tears gasps out a ‘yes’. They hug; he picks her off her feet and swings her around. Every girl watching sighs a collective ‘aww’ and every guy thinks, ‘great now that will be expected of me.’

When my husband proposed he had me get the ring box from the glove compartment of his car and said, ‘we’ve talked about this; if you want it, it’s yours.”

He definitely didn’t steal any ideas from the big screen, but that was 100% my guy and I went from Earth to cloud nine.

I love my husband, but I had to kiss a few toads to get there.  Most of my exes were great guys, but not the right relationship.

When my best friend, Sara got married, I envied her.

When we were 16 when she told me the first guy she dates would be the one she married.  She planned on saving every part of her emotions, body, and spirit for her husband.  I thought she was nuts.

October 2009 I stood as her maid of honor as her first boyfriend, who she had met only a year and half earlier, became her husband.

She married having never had her heart broken. She didn’t have th trust issued I had. She didn’t have the weight of rejection bearing down her.

About a week ago, I was contacted by LIvy Jarmusch of Crown of Beauty Magazine for Christian Teen and Pre-teen girls.

She contacted me asking if I would host a stop on their virtual book tour for her book: When Life Feels Like A Taylor Swift Song: A Girl’s Guide to Boys.

As I read this book I kept thinking how it is advice I could have used as a teen, though I’m not 100% sure my youth leader didn’t try to get through to me.

In her book, Livy encourages girls not to rush into dating because ‘everyone’ is doing it, but rather to foster friendships with the opposite sex.

By doing this, girls can learn to relate to boys. It will give the girls an insight into how boys think and act without risking their hearts.

A girl doesn’t need a boy friend during high school to be happy.

A girl must learn how to be a fantastic friend, and be confident in herself before she can be a great girlfriend.

In her  book, Livy continues to outline how a girl can be a good friend to a boy.  Her advice is Biblically solid, encouraging young girls to let their obsession be focused on God and not the cutie in their classroom.

Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save. ~ Psalm 146:3

The book continues on to discuss if a girl should chose to date, how to do so safely.  My favorite advice she gives; “Play it old school” – let the guy pursue you.  He should be the first to approach, first to text, first to call. The girl should not make the first move, he should

Don’t start screaming feminist girl power at me.  By letting him do the perusing it gives them an ego boost, and it will make you feel special and wanted.  Both getting something we need emotionally.  And don’t tell me he doesn’t need an ego boost.  Most male egos are for show, secretly they’re vulnerable and feel insecure, they need the ego boost to help their confidence.  Guys don’t start telling me it’s not true for you, you may be the exception, i did say “most”.

This is an excellent book for young women about boys and dating, and I would recommend it for any girl from pre-teen to young adult.


Oh! and did I mention it is a free download??? Just click the picture below!!




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