Things to Teach My Children: #1 – It Is Not Failure

My family is blessed to have a home on a dead end street.  That means the street is quiet, no one travels it unless they live on the street or know someone who does.  Ewok enjoys being able to ride her bike up and down the sidewalk and play in the front yard as well as the backyard.


Today, Ewok wanted to play with her bat and ball.  They are a simple plastic set, almost like a waffle ball without wholes in it (so not really a waffle ball, jut a hollow plastic ball).

First I pitched to her and she swung at the ball – even hitting it on the occasions I managed to get it near her.  All my years playing softball, I was never a pitcher, and that is still obvious why I was never given that position.  I can throw a ball a good distance with decent accuracy.  However, close range, my aim is horrible.  Alayna thankfully hasn’t inherited my aim.

She handed me the bat and she pitched a few at me.  Then it was time for me to make lunch for us.  She wanted to keep playing so I showed her that you can throw the ball into the air and then swing the bat as the ball fell.


When she first started trying it seemed like she was trying to feed the tree in the front yard.  She would throw it up and the ball would bounce around in the branches and leaves and land no where near here.


Now my daughter has a touch of drama queen.  Okay, not a touch… she has a full dose of drama queen in her, and when the ball wasn’t coming down where she wanted it to land she would get upset,

She would stomp her feet and exclaim

I will never be able to do it!!

She sees these imperfections in her undeveloped abilities as failures. I want her to see them as one step closer to success.  Being able to look at what went wrong,  learn from it, and adjust.

These are skills we all need from childhood until death knocks at our door.  I want my children to know that not succeeding at something is not failure; it is a chance to learn.  It is only failure when you become defeated and give up.


I finally convinced my little Ewok to give it another chance.  And after a few more misses she connected.  It went behind her and she had to fish it out of the bush.  But to see her proud little face when she finally hit the ball when pitching to herself; lets me know that pushing her to not accept defeat was the right move.

 Failure is all in how we look at it, our confidence is built by our attitude towards the struggles we may face.


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