Who Gets Your Time?


This characterizes my life.  I can always tell when I am neglecting my relationship with God when I find myself getting impatient with my children.

I love my kids and would do anything for them, but there are days when the baby is crying and he never seems full. My daughter is running at warp speed and I question weather she can’t hear me or isn’t listening to me.  I go from one mess to another, with another popping up as soon as the first one has been cleaned. My husband comes home and entertained our daughter while I bath our son.  Then I hand him the cleaned up, fresh baby smelling child and a bottle and head up to defunk the Ewok (our daughters nickname).  With my husband playing with our little man I get our daughter cleaned up and we have story time, we pray and say our goodnights.

I then retreat into the bathroom, hoping for a quiet bath where i can read or think or maybe if I’m lucky, just a little of both…

Then comes a knock on the door; “mommy I need my water bottle filled up”. “Ask your dad,” I reply. “No I want you to do it.”  Yes because water from the faucet tastes better when mommy gets it I guess.  I get up wrap myself in a towel, retrieve the water bottle, fill it, send her back to bed with a hug, a kiss, and a full cup.

I climb back into the tub, open my book and once again hear a knocking sound on the door. “Ewok let me finish my bath and I’ll come help you.”

It’s not my daughter it’s my husband. “I just want to let you know, He stinks.”  Slightly exasperated i reply, “Well then change him.”

Silence.. followed by a reply. “But he smells really bad.”  That’s right, my husband who can fix anything, laughed hysterically when my daughter threw up into my hands while I gagged and tried not to throw up on her head, can not stomach baby poop.

I forgot about our earlier deal, he handles vomit, I handle poop.

I get out again, wrap myself in a towel, change the little guy, dispose of the baby bomb.  I return to my bath to find the water now cold… do i reheat the water or give up?  

With a sign i empty the tub, take a quick shower to clean my hair, and bush my teeth for bed.  I feed the baby one more time before turning in for the night.

My husband and I lay in bed, him with his fancy smart phone, I with my nook.  We’re both reading something, and then he turns and asks the question… “So what did you do all day?”

Here is the test to my patience… Here is my test to if my day was God focused or World focused.

Do I recall everything that has upset me, or worse, take offense with this simple, harmless question? 


Do I tell him about all the crazy, silly things Ewok did today?  Do I tell him about our little guy showing interest in the engines sounds that makes me think he’ll be the same motor head his father is?

My response is a clear indication of my connectivity to my creator, to the peace giver. If I have taken time to spend time with God I see his question as an interest in my day. If I have not i become defensive as if this simple question is accusing me of not doing enough in my crazy day.


I am learning that when I surrender my day to God I enjoy it more.



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