For the Glory of God

The wait is coming to an end.  Tomorrow (or well later today) I will find out whether or not I am going to get a first grade teaching job.  I want this job. I’ve been offered a job at a preschool that I use to work at, and while I’d love to work there again, the job at the elementary school is more my speed.

I have waited patiently, as patiently as I can, but when I was offered the preschool job and told I needed to give an answer by Sunday, I emailed the school administrator.  He told me that they had a board meeting tonight and I should be finding out tomorrow (er, now today…).

My one friend who has kids attending the school told me they were down to two applicants.

I have been praying and praying and praying that I get this job.  This evening it hit me I’m praying for the wrong thing.  And now I’m praying that God puts me where HE wants me.  If I get the job at the school, I will be overjoyed.  If I do not get the job, I still have an offer for a teaching job (most likely kindergarten class) at the preschool, I know the people I will be working with and I know I will enjoy it just as much.  Either way it is a win, and I know God will use me wherever He places me.


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