The Never Ending Cycle

As I clean up, Ewok pulls stuff out.  As I finally finish laundry, Tank explodes another diaper and I find myself not just changing his diaper, but his outfit and often times mine too.

I make lists of things to do, but just as i start to reach the end of my list, the first things I do go back on.  It never ends… If i sit down to relax it backs up on me.

I want to spend more time with Ewok, July is almost gone and our Summer Bucket list still has more to do than we’ve crossed off.

It may be the lack of sleep I have from being up a couple time last night and each time having to change my clothes (M&M pee’d on me the first time he woke up to eat, and the second time he pooped through his diaper covering the top of my left thigh and the underside of my left arm),but i’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today.

I still have 90% of my cleaning to do list to accomplish. I’ve only finished 1 of the party invites for Ewok’s 4th Birthday (they are cute, she picked out the paper and the ribbon design herself).  I still need to finish the wedding scrapbook and Ewok’s baby book.  Still need to start Tank’s baby scrapbook.

I had hoped to have a learning time daily for Ewok, and that hasn’t happened yet. I have hoped for us to take time each day to play games together.  We’ve played games together from time to time but we don’t have us time every day like I’d like.

I’d like to have a better plan for weekly meals, but that never happens.

How do others handle this?  How can some women make this look so effortless?


Here’s the thing, I’m not perfect.  I will probably never make it look easy, or at least it will never feel to me as though I am.

I don’t have to be perfect, just obedient. God can work through my weaknesses, but not my stubbornness.  I need to stop stressing over what doesn’t get done, and just be thankful for the blessing that are my children.



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