Hello! My name is Rhiannon and I am a list maker.

My DH teases me about my lists. I make lists of lists. I will make a weekly list of what I want to accomplish each day. Then I’ll make a daily list that breaks down the tasks for that day. But life can’t always be contained to the lists and sometimes I don’t get everything done that’s on the list.

I’ve been called OCD (though clinically i’m not that bad) by more than one person. I get very stressed and somewhat spastic when my house is not in order. I don’t like my life to be in chaos even with two kids there has to be a order. Because I have kids there has to a plan.

Here is the problem with plans… i get easily distracted. So many things to do in the course of a day that i tend to not fully focus on anyone of them, sometimes this leaves the house in the midst of 4 or 5 projects. And if I start a sentence… “I really want to try something I saw on pinterest.” I can almost hear my husband’s eyes rolling.

He claims I suffer from “A.D. — oh look there’s a bunny”

If you look at my house, i’m always cleaning, it’s never done… you can tell OCD and ADD don’t play nicely together. In fact I’d say they’re mortal enemies.


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  1. Theresa Gray
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 05:52:13

    I know what you mean.Prentiss tells ne I have ocd I am always cleaning and if we are having guest over I am worst. Prentiss is always picking on Lexie because she is Adhd but I an starting to think he is the same way like you said look duck . I dont know how you do it with 2 little ones.


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