2013 Family Summer Bucket List

This summer I am off work because of Maternity leave.  This time I have at home I plan to be well spent.  I want to improve myself, my house hold, offer fun activities and enrichment activities for Alayna, and really connect with my husband since a new baby in the household can drastically alter the dynamics.

I’ve made a list of 100 goals for this Summer and I will edit and cross off the ones we complete as it happens.  Some of meant just for me.  Some are meant for just Alayna.  Many are for Alayna and I to do together, some are for us as an entire family, and then a few are just for my husband and myself. (R is for me, A for my daughter, AK for my son, M for my husband, and F is for family)

Here are our summer goals of “Bucket List”

1. Practice yoga (include Alayna) (r & a)

2. Study book of Titus (r)

3. Study Days of Creation (a)

4. Go on a Picnic (f)

5. Carnegie Natural History Museum (f)

6. Fireman’s Beach (f)

7. Carnegie Science Center (f)

8. Farmer’s Market (f)

9. See Monster’s University (f)

10. Tye Dye Craft (r & a)

11. Summer Reading Program (a)

12. See Despicable Me 2 (f)

13. Have an unplugged day – full 24 h (f)

14. Water Balloon Fight (r & a)

15. Host a Ladies Night (r)

16. Host a summer pot luck (f)

17. Plan Ewok’s Birthday Party (r)

18. Photo Walk (r & a)  check out our Photo Hike Scavenger Hunt

19. Homemade Milkshakes (f)

20. Science Activity – Mentos and Diet Coke (r & a)

21. Game Night (f)

22. Find a Pen Pal (r)

23. Have a at home spa night with Ewok (r & a)

24. Make our own face paint (r & a) — Homemade Face Paint Activity

25. Finish Ewok’s Baby Book (r)

26. Create Wedding Album (r)

27. Create Tank’s Baby Book (r)

28. Make Homemade Sidewalk Paint (r & a)

29. Treasure Hunt in the Sandbox (a)

30. Find a Teaching Job (r)

31. Finish reading “A wife after God’s own heart” (r)

32. Learn story of Jonah (a)

33. Learn to tell time (a)

34. Learn to sew (r)

35. Camp -out in living room (f)

36. Learn to count money (a)

37. Read “Made to Crave” (r)

38. Learn fruit of the spirit (a)

39. Learn Planets (a)

40. Sink – or – Float experiments (r & a)Science Experiments — Density

41. Keep science Journal (a)

42. Learn to read (a)

43. Build a barometer (r & a)

44. Create a Compost Bin (r & a)

45. Read “Not a Fan” (r)

46. Learn about Noah’s Ark (a)

47. Start Family Prayer time (f)

48. Learn different kinds of clouds (r & a)

49. Read “No Other Gods” (r)

50. Problem Solving Activities (a)

51. Try a vegetarian meal (f)

52. Begin personal Meditation / Prayer time (r)

53. Create a work out schedule (r)

54. Plan a date night (m & r)

55. Begin Adoption Process – Mike adopting Ewok (f)

56. Daddy/ daughter date night (m & a)

57. Read “stressed-less living” (r)

58. Learn about the Armor of God (a)

59. Get a gym membership (f)

60. Blog 2x a week for a month (r)

61. Have a tea party – invite grandma’s (a)

62. Make a new recipe (r)

63. Study book of Numbers (r)

64. Plan for Christmas (r)

65. Make Rainbow cupcakes (r & a)

66. Make homemade Ice cream (r & a)

67. Make a musical instrument (r & a)

68. Draw a Picture for a friend (a)

69. Scavenger Hunt (a)Photo Hike Scavenger Hunt

70. Hopscotch (r & a)

71. Koolaid Ice cubes & sprite (f)

72. Make bird feeders (r & a)

73. M&M’s & hot water — science (r & a)

74. Density Experiment (r & a)Science Experiments — Density

75. Make a treasure map & go on a hunt (r & a)

76. Learn to write Last name (a)

77. Visit the Aviary (f)

78. Go to town Fair (f)

79. Go to County Fair(f)

80. Ride the Incline (f)

81. Paint with Shaving Cream (r & a)

82. Have summer photo shoot (f)

83. Try a new recipe – Italian (f)

84. Eat more fruits and veggies (f)

85. Try new recipe – spanish (f)

86. Exercise 5x per week (r)

87. Try new recipe – oriental (f)

88. Reach top level at Reading Program (a)

89. Make rootbeer floats (f)

90. Study Galatians (r)

91. Eat Healthier (f)

92. Help cook dinner (a)

93. Improve Photography Skills (r)

94. Bouncing egg experiment (r & a)

95. Submit photos for town fair (r)  — Fair week surprised me missed my opportunity

96. Snowball fight in the summer (r & a)

97. Create Family Cookbook (r & a)

98. Submit photos for county fair (r)

99. Create a hanky-quilt (r & a)

100. Romantic Dinner (m & r)

Some have all ready been done even before I had the chance to post our list.  For many of them I will be posting separate blogs and linking them back to this one as we complete the activities.

I wonder how many out of a 100 we can accomplish!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Venessa
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 20:38:30

    May I come over on milkshake night? Pleeese! 🙂


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