Becoming Less of Me

A few days ago I got up the courage to weigh myself… and it made me very happy.

A week and half after giving birth to my son, I find myself 25lbs lighter than I was before I became pregnant.

I need to continue this trend.  I would love to lose enough weight to move out of the 200’s.  While it is no where near my goal weight to see 199 on the scale would be an amazing accomplishment.

Now I would love to join a gym and really hit it hard but I’m not allowed to do any heavy workouts until after I’m given the green light by my doctor (5 more weeks post delivery to wait).

So what do I do? Just wait and continue my unhealthy lifestyle?  NO!  I’m going to be more careful about what I eat, I’m going to be more mindful of the activities I do.  Many things we do on a daily basis are considered light exercises, so if I can move more than I sit….

… well that’s the theory.


Some of the websites that I found that I believe will be instrumental in my weight loss journey


Tribe Sports

Tools to Keep You Active

Activities to Miles Conversion Table

On Top of that I am also using my weight loss journey as a chance to grow closer to God and am reading through


I plan on sharing the details of what I am learning as I go along as well as any successes or struggles.  I hope those who read this get something from my experiences and I’m always open to suggestions for any other resources that may help.


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