Getting to Know My Little Man

I had to stay in the hospital today because my muscles are still not cooperating with me,and it’s better to have the nursing staff on hand to help me while i’m recovering and they are trying to control my pain.

What I didn’t have today were any visitors outside of my husband who came by this morning to have some daddy time with our son while I took a shower.



The rest of the time it was just me and my little man.


I’m all ready seeing his personality. He is a cuddler. He is never more content than when he is snuggled up on my chest.

With his head nestled into the corner where my collar bone meets my neck, he reached out and gripped the sleeve of my nightgown.

I miss my daughter right now, but she is having a good time with her grandparents. I am also very thankful that I get to have this bonding time with my son.

I took this time to count his toes and fingers. I knew he had 10 of each, but there is something about holding their little toes and fingers and just studying them.





This afternoon I gave him a bath, something the nurses have done up until today. He still has his umbilical chord so of course it is a sponge bath.

I have learned that Anthony does not like being naked.  However he LOVES it when i lay him on his tummy and wash his back. I think he just likes being on his tummy because he was quite content when I was putting lotion on him as well.

Bath time also wakes him up and gets him active.  This is good to know because after I gave him his bath (and he’d all ready eaten) he opened his eyes and for the first time looked at me.  There is no wondering, my little man has beautiful dark brown eyes.

He is his father’s son.  I swear this little boy is Mike’s mini me.  Anyone who knows his father can not look at our son and see Mike.  Some tell me they see me in Anthony…  honestly the only indications to me is that he is ticklish everywhere just like I am.






So how did our little man get his name?

I am a believer that a person’s name can effect who they are.  It is as if the name our parents bestow on us contributes to our personality and destiny. I went through a baby name book and picked about 6 names that I really liked and gave them to my husband.  It is our first son, so I felt he had naming rights.  I only reserved veto rights if the initials spelled something unfortunate.

Anthony meaning In-esteem-able or Priceless One was top on my list.  Unknown to me, it was one my husband was all ready considering.

Kevin is my father’s first name.  My dad goes by his middle name Brent, but Brent didn’t flow well with my husband’s father’s middle name of Francis.

My husband has two middle names.  He is named after both his mother’s father and his father’s father.  Mike wished to carry on this tradition with his first son and so we have

Anthony Kevin Francis


There is no doubt in my mind that he is in fact a Priceless One in our family.

Psalm 21:6

Surely you have granted him unending blessings

and made him glad with the joy of your presence.


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