Truly Blessed

On August 13th, 2009 my life changed forever when my daughter Alayna was born at 5:58pm, 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 & 1/4 inches long. 


My life changed again when I married my amazing husband on November 10th, 2012.




Yesterday morning our lives changed again.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:15 am.  I got changed into the surgical gown and they proceeded to locate the baby on the fetal heart monitor.  This is no easy task as he runs from it.  Literally runs  from it.  Amazingly the nurse found him quickly and set upon getting my IV in. This did not work as well. I had to re-position so she could try again.  This is when our little guy decides he’s done with the monitor.  


We watched my baby bump move from the left side of my body to the right side.  The nurse then spent the next 45 minutes chasing my baby bump back and forth across my abdomen until she was finally able to find him and finish my IV.

At this point they hand Mike scrubs. However, they did not inform him that he was to wear them only,  no street clothes allowed in the O.R.  I’m laughing as i watch him trying to put on a shirt i can tell by sight, is WAY to small for him.  My laughing gets the nurses attention who turns and goes “you can’t wear your street clothes in the operating room”.  Mike goes into the bathroom and comes out in scrub pants that look more like capris, and his regular shirt.  

He hands the scrub top to the nurse and goes “um… I haven’t been a medium since elementary school”.  The nurse laughs, said it must have been in the wrong place and returns with a 3x for him.  

They prepped me for surgery (fun spinal block), cleaned and draped me, and then called Mike in.  Mike starts laughing, so does the one nurse and my doctor.  First thing out of the womb our son christen the doctor and nurse.  Mike says he sees the stream of urine before he ever sees our son.

They hand him to another nurse to be cleaned up, and he pees on her as well.

They hand him to Mike and I get to see my little guy.  Mike and our son are ushered up to the New Life Unit while I finish up in the O.R. and am then moved to recovery.


Monday June 17th,2013; at 9:09 am our son Anthony Kevin Francis Sacco was born weighing 9 pounds 12.5 ounces and measuring 21 & 1/2 inches long.



This little guy loves his Daddy….





and I think he loves his sister as much as she loves him





I am so blessed to have such an amazing family.


I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and I love him beyond anything words could ever describe.

I am also blessed with two amazing children, and it fills me with joy to be their mother.



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