Creating a Workable Organizing System

Clutter, clutter EVERYWHERE!!!

Each morning I reach over the pile of junk on our kitchen counter to pass Alayna her breakfast.  I stress about her spilling her milk, not because I’ll need to clean up milk but what will it ruin that is sitting on our breakfast bar?

Last night as I started to clean up from dinner (which i did late because we left our dinner plates on the table and went to the Cochranton Theater to see “Epic”).  I turned around to pass back behind one of the dinning room chairs and i knocked stuff off of the counter with my pregnant belly.

I had had enough!!!!

It was at this point i stopped what i was doing and de-cluttered the counter.  Once that was done, i finished doing the dishes.  However as i looked around the kitchen and the rest of the house I realize that clutter is overwhelming our household.

I am finishing my purging of crap from the kitchen, and will then move on to my living room.  Once the clutter and crap is gone, I’m going to introduce a new organizing system for our household.

It all starts with this…

I got the idea from this awesome website by Erin Branscom.

I will post my own binder when I get it completed….

I am also trying to figure out a method to keep our mail organized and not getting misplaced. I have an idea for this too, but it still needs more thought.

I would really like to get this place de-cluttered to a point where I can spend 10-15 minutes a day cleaning and that’s all it takes.  I want a clean, streamlined home, but I don’t want keeping up with household chores to run me ragged and take me away from time with my husband and children.

Everyone be watching… working on some cool ideas for activities to do with Alayna this summer… You might like them!  That post will come later.


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