Which Way Is Up?

If you have a toddler or a preschooler you understand this feeling.  You’re pretty sure you’re doing things right… and then they say something to you and suddenly you feel like you are spiraling into the Twilight Zone (and for those of you too young to know… this has nothing to do with sparkly vampires).

A few weeks ago my daughter comes up to me with two pennies and goes 

“mommy pick a penny”

I reach or a penny and am scolded

“NOT that one, that is a squirrel we don’t pick squirrels, take the other one it’s a nut”

Yeah, honey, I’m pretty sure you’re the nut… but I play along and take the penny.

She hands me the first penny, “here you need the squirrel, squirrels like nuts!”

She topped herself tonight.  She and my husband were playing a card game she made up.

Mike – “What game is this?”

Alayna – “it’s called ‘Don’t pick the beast'”

The beast were the two jokers found in the deck

Mike – “how do I play?”

Alayna – “I give you six cards and I give myself six cards, and then we pick each other’s cards and we don’t want the best.”

This then morphed into “pick the beast” because she wasn’t winning and she was picking the joker too often for her tastes.  

Mike – “Hey you can’t look at my cards”

Alayna – “yes i can I’m suppose to look in pick the beast”

Mike – “Can i see yours?”

Alayna – “no only i get to look”

Mike – “is there anyway for me to win this game?”

Alayna – “no i’m suppose to win”

I was laughing so hard it hurt and apparently i was laughing too hard because the little man growing inside of me was kicking the daylights out of me too.


At least I didn’t get roped into playing that crazy game…  Good luck Hun! 


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