A Crazy Year

A year ago today… I lived in a camper in my father’s backyard in Livingston Parish Louisiana.

My toddler spoke with a distinct southern accent…now as a preschooler, you can still tell her early years were spent in the south (10 is not a two syllable word, at least not up here it isn’t).

Since I moved from Louisiana back to Pennsylvania I have started a new job, married, moved again, and learned I was pregnant.

We now have approximately 6 weeks until a little boy joins our family.

My mind is baby focused and I have a zillion things to accomplish before he arrives… however… I am far too tired to care that my tornado of a daughter has made our living room look like a toy store blew up in it.

My job is good.   Married life is a fun challenge. Parenthood requires you to sacrifice your sanity and logic and respond to what is in front of you.

I don’t want physical and material preparations to be the only things i do to get ready for our family to expand.  I want to prepare myself spiritually.

I use to have a blog that was for things i was learning at church, and one for things happening at home, and one tracking my progress as i work towards living a healthier life and being a good example or healthy living to my children.

Here soon, i’ll have two children, a husband, and a house to keep up with. I won’t have time for 3 blogs, so this is it.  Everything I do, learn, and experience is going here.

If you like it, comment

If it inspires you, comment

If you disagree with me, comment (i reserve the right to delete anyone who is disrespectful towards myself or others who may comment).


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  1. Holistic Wayfarer
    May 14, 2013 @ 23:15:24

    Quite a photo there!! I was 10 yrs in PA. Went to Bryn Mawr, then Univ of PA. You’ve gone through a lot of changes. I think the stability with job and house will help things mentally (not saying you’re mental LOL). Blessings.


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